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A hardcore dancer is a person usually in their teens who has immense quantities of angst due to listening to hardcore and emo music.

These teens will go to concerts wearing tight pants, and tight jeans. Instead of the usual mosh pit, they will take play in hardcore dancing. This consists of swining their arms and legs around in a random fashion attempting to look they like are fighting invisiable enemies all around them.

Hardcore dancers are known to look like idiots, but seem to not care.
Chad demanded that everyone in the mosh pit beat up all hardcore dancers.
by cool4dude April 28, 2005
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These are the faggots in mosh pits that everyone else hates. They flail around picking up pennies and practicing their karate, while annoying EVERYONE else.

It is very fun to punch hardcore dancers in the face, stomach, or almost any other area that will cause bodily harm.

Although it is unknown how, hardcore dancers seem to be at every show EVER in the world. There are hardcore dancers at black metal shows and death metal shows, which pisses off the REAL metalheads.

Hardcore dancers are either 87 pounds and have more hair in front of their face than anywhere else, or they are 300 pounds and like to take their shirts off and sweat on everyone in pits.

All hardcore dancers should be killed, I do my best to fuck em up at every show. Everyone should beat up at least one hardcore dancer per show, maybe then they will get the point.

A person having a seizure can be called a hardcore dancer, and therefore laughed at.
The only hardcore dancers at real metal shows are retards.

Wow! look at that moron hardcore dancer picking up pennies to Immolation, lets beat the shit outa him!
by Ronald McFondled January 29, 2007
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those annoying queers you see ruining a perfectly good circlepit by flailing there arm around and trying to beat the shit out of non-existant beings,like ninjas.
mosher(non-hardcore dancer): "hey fag you ruining the goddamn pit"
hardcore dancer: "im just expressing myself through this artform"
concert goer then expresses his harted to harcore dancing queers by bull charging the hardcore dancer(who is probably wearing his little sisters pants)
by thrashing_is_my_buisnes October 29, 2008
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Is a person who dances to hardcore music.

Hardcore dancers are often easy to spot by their passion towards the band which they are dancing to and tend to have a good fellowship with all of the other people dancing. If the band has a sing-a-long part, hardcore dancers are the ones to run up to the stage and pile-on in order to sing along. If a hardcore dancer is to fall down, another one will pick them up.

Fallacies of hardcore dancing are that it is done by kids with eye make-up and tight pants and that it is mindless waving of arms. These are kids who are scene bopping. For anyone who actually dances they know that it is very hard to mosh properly in tight pants.
It is also not as simple as simply swinging your arms around like scene bopping, but actually involves going in time with the music at certian times during a song.
Two-stepping is a motion that takes lots of practice and can look very good if done correctly.
Look at that Hardcore dancer in adidas shorts climbing over top of the people in the front in order to sing along.
by xronaldx December 29, 2005
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Assholes you knock out when they hit you when they are doing their retarded seizure dances. It seems they have so much stress from being middle class suburban kids, they gotta swing their arms and attempt the funniest lookalike martial art kicks ever.
Me : You see those groups of hardcore dancers?
Friend : Yes, that dick almost hit me.
Me : Well Scene-o, watch this!
*Demostrates a butterfly kick to "hXc" kids face*
Friend : Damn nigga, lets get outta this shithole and hit up a club.
by JasonTaylor January 14, 2007
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A dancer in hardcore heavy metal that does tricks with the legs and flails the arms about as if fighting an imaginary object this is mainly popular along the east coast

if it gets violent the moshers usually run into the hardcore dancing scene and there is alot of blood.....
Dude, look at those hardcore dancers goin at it theyre really rippin it up
by John Gi Anderson May 20, 2006
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