Hanitizer is a combination of hand and sanitizer. For example the Purel or CVS brand hand sanitzer.

Yo man, I need some hanitizer
My hands are dirty pass the hanitizer
I just smoked a cigarette and my hands smell, I need some hanitizer
by Pablo Rubio May 03, 2006
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hanitizer is a comibination of the words hand and sanitizer
That gas station bathroom was disgusting and had no hand soap. I need some hanitizer.
by wcchick264 June 26, 2007
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A shortened term for hand sanitizer.
Mason used hanitizer on his hands after he pooped on the wall, and had to clean it.
Mason used hanitizer after he shook hands with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump's, take your pick.
by RJ Mason January 28, 2018
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