The same as saying "BURN" or "Zing!" after someone has a good come back or joke at anothers expense.

It is usually followed by a gesture of slamming your two fists together so they look like you're holding a little handbag.
"Doesn't this dress look nice on me?"
"If by nice you mean really really ugly"

"oooooh Handbag!"
by Julia Callahan August 26, 2004
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A wepon u beat men with.A woman's best friend. You can pick how it looks like. You can hide stuff you don't want anyone to see .
I killed a man with a handbag today.
by No one to c April 17, 2017
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When you like a girl but she doesn't know it and your in the friendzone. She confides in you. You hang out. Party. You're an accessory.
I liked the girl and we hung out a lot but I was always her handbag when we'd go out and she'd talk about other guys. She didn't know I was into her though, I kept it platonic.
by Lilbeau July 29, 2017
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