(In HBO's The Wire) The area where all drug trafficking was pushed, by police, to clear up the rest of Baltimore's corners. It was an area filled with vacants.

Bubbles sold his whiteys in Hamsterdam until they shut the place down
by molson622 April 20, 2007
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A place for hamsters where the food has itty bits of weed in it and their bedding is made from hemp.

There's usually a main tube or area for blowing smoke in to get them all high on a daily basis.

There must be 3 or more hamsters in order to call it a true hamsterdam otherwise it's just called getting your hamster stoned.
Billy: "shit man bubbles escaped from hamsterdam again last night and started mating with the giant rats in my basement"

Suzy: "maybe he got the midnight munchies, he'll be back if he wants to get lifted again"
by Matt Huff August 26, 2009
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A place where Hamsters live, work, play and it's also where Hamsters come from.
I'll be taking the train to Hamsterdam this afternoon.
by TheraPetAndy March 22, 2018
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