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A Nico-kun. Has glasses and is skinny. He likes warframe. He's smart but likes weird memes. You all need a Nico-kun in your life. He's also a tsundere and a hacker. He likes meaty whacks (*both chuckles*). Oh, and he plays bassclarinet but he hates the real clarinet. A Hammons also refuses to watch anime, however, he watches some secretly, such as Love Live! and Sword Art Online. Additionally, a Hammons enjoys watching weird movies like the Emoji Movie, Bee Movie, and Zootopia. He goes to the raddest school ever, Redondo Union High with his bestest friends Leyna and Zach and Cole and Ryder and other people. He also has a good friend named Dylan but we all call him Wally. Overall, Nico-kun is an intelligent otaku who can speak espanol and ingles and a bit of german. He is an AP Euro fanatic who strives for a 99%. You're life is complete after you meet a hammons named Nico-kun.
If you're a Nico-kun, then you're a hammons.
I wish I had a hammons in my life.
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by Potabrolord March 03, 2018
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Noun-A sack of chicken tenders that has been soaking for at least 72 hours in the excessive amount of penis juice released by thousands of true Americans on December 1st.
Pour one of those Hammons down by butthole before I de-virginize your sister, you frog fucker!
by Couldn't_Connect_to_the_D December 04, 2018
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