When F1 driver Lewis Hamilton drives as fast as he can.
"Okay Lewis, your rival has pitted - it's hammertime!"
by oderalon February 1, 2020
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The full phrase is "Stop! Hammertime!" but I'm a lousy conformist, so I put it here. It is by far the most awesome phrase ever. You could make Slimer from Ghostbusters say it and it would still make sense. Its inventor was nothing short of genius as well.
M. Feldspar: Stop! Hammertime!
Halle Berry: Have my babies.
M. Feldspar: Can't touch this.
by Jerry the Gerbilizer February 18, 2005
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time to hammer. time to rail. thanks mc hammer
The sanitation worker at the phoenix open looked her up and down and repeated the single word hammertime over and over
by Dreesey February 9, 2007
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"Hammertime" When you are stoned, have been all day, and you go to the kitchen around ten at night and eat everything in site.......Hammertime
Baby, I can't beleive you ate that already......That's Hammertime
by benny the beagle April 20, 2009
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-The act of getting hammered during a particular time.

-Usually consists of binge drinking at obscene hours during the day when most others are being productive.

-consistantly ends with someone you know "straight actin a fool"
"Yo you ready to drink or what"
"Hell yeah man its hammertime"
by Komo April 12, 2006
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The time when you get hammerd or drunk
How about you get yourself a hammertime so when your hammerd I can nail you!
by Elizabeth Fraser June 28, 2005
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Word used during school to alert friends that there is a teacher or other adult in the vacinity, and should not use any swear words or other inapropriate words.
"We got a hammertime coming in"
"Hammertime left side"
by Don Sluethly February 10, 2005
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