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1.) To have a impenetrable crush on someone, only to be screwed over by them, usu. for their benefit/spite.
2.) To get screwed over.
3.) To be decked in the face; to get the sh!t beaten out of you (owned/pwned).
4.) To get arrested for something you didn't do, or while drunk/high KNOWING you won't pass a drug test.
5.) To be dumped in the most humiliating, heart-shattering, disrespectful, reputation-ruining scene, after you've devoted all the love, maybe even your body, you could manage to them.
6.) To get screwed, literally, and they feel nothing for you and they get up and leave after a "good fu@k."
7.) To walk the walk of shame (not the one that you own).
8.) To wake up in a roadside ditch (Don't. I won't know where to find you).
9.) To have gambling problems and not realize till it's too late. Everything you own is someone else's via gaming debts.
10.) To wake up someplace, a stranger lying with you in/on a bed/couch. The stench of alcohol on your breath stings your nostrils as a migraine from a hangover/withdrawal pounds your head. First reaction: "Oh, holy he!l!?!" Second reaction: "I gotta get out of here!" so you try to gather your clothes and other sh!t and beat it out of there silently without a trace before someone realizes YOU're the loser--YOU're the fool everyone'll talk about tomorrow.
11.) To get tore up by CinemaSins. They're not very nice.
12.) See trashed.
13.) To be laid up; physically wrecked
1.) "Has Angie stopped crushing on him yet? She knows he's taking advantage of her! He humiliated her!"

"No, she's still hammered and nailed to him, poor girl."

2.) "Anthony's not your friend."

"Prove it."

"Remember that sweat jacket from Disneyland you let him borrow?"


"It's on eBay for $2K"


3.) "You as&hole!" (decks other guy in the face--BLAM!)

"OH, MY GAWD! My face! Fu@k!"

4.) (Well, I told you)

Scenario 1:
Cop: "hands in the air now!"

You: "What'd I do?"

Cop: "shut it ...(Miranda rights)..."

You: (get arrested)

5.) Have some chocolate ice cream; it will fix everything (hopefully).

6, 10.) "Were you at the party last night?"

"Yeah, but I didn't like it so much. Let's not talk about it."

"Neither do I. I heard some little s!ut got hammered and nailed by Tommy there."




"That was YOU?!"

7.) (sigh)

8.) You hear traffic wake up from sleeping on your face and you spit dirt out of your mouth. "Whoa!" (Again, don't call me. I don't know.)

9.) Whoops! I hope you have a good job!

11.) See the movie.

12.) See trashed

13.) See a doctor.
by The Quiz-Trivian-Naire March 09, 2017
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