To cripple a dog by cutting out the balls of its feet.

Historically performed on dogs to stop them chasing deer.
"Jefferson the unbalanced mailman, finally snapped one day: His arrest for criminal assault with intent to hamble a cocker spaniel made the evening news"
by Harry the Hambler August 14, 2009
The best way to make scrambled eggs even tastier - by adding pieces of ham. Hambled eggs.
Scrambled eggs are so much better when you add ham and call them hambled eggs!
by eggseggs September 28, 2011
An extremely christian fortnite streamer, with a large acting background and a lot of discord friends. He or she is a noodle critic and part time funny guy. DO NOT UPSET A REILLY HAMBLING OR THEY WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND STEAL ALL OF YOUR APPLES!.
Hey its Reilly Hambling.
by Joseph Overdoseph March 16, 2020
A non-Jewish school kid who argues and likes to pick fights with other students. Usually unintelligent. Other names: jewisch hambley, Jewish hamboner, jew ham, Jamarcus hamson.
Did you hear about Gabriel Iglesias?
Yeah he's a total Jewish Hambly.
by PenisPickingPecker December 28, 2015
A hardcore fortnite streamer who has a lot of discord friends. He or she has a lot of acting experience and is insulted when you make fun of them for their town hall level in clash of clans. He or she is pure of heart and is an extreme chrisian.
Hey look its a Reilly Hambling
by Joseph Overdoseph March 16, 2020
the wettest but also warmest solider in general Millie's army
"seen that letter he got? He must be a alex hambly
by Fowler laad69 January 24, 2018