Halee is the sexiest name ever, they are very helpful, cute, and have a very kind heart.
Halee went to the market and bought some oranges.
by Morseha15 June 06, 2018
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a halee is a kind, athletic, outgoing person who is absolutely fearless. She loves her friends and family and is rarely in a bad mood. Halees also love the beach. she loves to have fun and be with her friends, she is also very emotional and if oyur on her bad side... well, lets just say thats not where u want to be. :) she will also get excited or mad depending on if you spell her name right. she is also very pretty and everyone wants to be around her. men usually like halees.
I spent the night at Halee's last night, it was super fun she's amazing!
by surfagirly June 30, 2011
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this girl acts like she’s drunk 24/7, but like, the fun drunk, who’s excited about everything. usually really happy. she loved her best friends and tries to fix everything. she’s mature but knows how to party. she’ll make her own catch phrases and they’re so dumb you just go with them.
me: i saw halee today she has to be on crack

friend: first of all becky it’s 10am, second no that’s just how she is, you love it tho!!
by Hellokatthy August 19, 2018
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A woman with a lot of attitude and a lot of anger. She goes from calm to angry in no time flat. Her anger may be caused by her lack of height or her misspelled first name.
man did you see halee last night? she had two apple ciders and tried to beat that bitch up.
by cpg123 August 13, 2008
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Rude. This girl is always a huge bitch and has different personality depending on which one of her fake friends she is with. Her personality can best be described as bitchy, fake, and angery. The anger usually resulting from her complete lack of beauty.
"I met a Halee today."

"Really? Was she ugly?"

"Yeah. I said I met a Halee today."
by kaylouise March 26, 2010
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