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$500 dollars, half a thousand dollars, five hudred dollars.
Ispent half a g on this couch.
They tried to charge me half a g more on that ^%$#.
by diezal February 14, 2010
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To illustrate Half of a gram of product, Usually illicit drugs.

Damn she snorted half a g like it was nothing
by Genesisgothic December 20, 2020
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Half a Gram (0.5g)of a particular drug. Half G's of marijuana commonly consist of about 0.7 grams.
yo, can you shoot me a half g?
by alf7 November 19, 2007
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When you put all your crack in to the pipe to get absolutely railed
Centrelink just paid me so I’m gonna go see damo to get a half g char and stay up for 2 weeks
by Half g char lord August 23, 2019
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