no definition here, just dont confuse it with, haHA!
haha kinda funny, but you're a jacka$$

haHA! i'm some sort of swashbuckling hero, possibly ALSO a jacka$$.
by meinerweiner69 March 29, 2010
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When one individual "laughs" on MSN, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, whatever... when he's just bored and doesn't even feel like laughing. And when what the other person says is not even funny.
"Omg! Did you hear that we're having school tomorrow?" "Hahahahahahahahahaha yes!"
by Ew. Its You. April 18, 2009
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When two men giving a woman on her hands and knees oral and vaginal penetration simultaneously exchange high fives.

Mike and I were giving young Jasmine a thorough seeing-too. Just prior to me feeding her some throat yogurt and him baking a cream pie we HAHA'd across her back. Oh happy times!
by G.P. The Guinea Pig December 2, 2007
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The action of laughing. Synonym - Laughed.
hahaed - Famous quote by Reegan.
by JackelSmackel October 19, 2011
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At my work, Friday is always 'go for a brewski-haha day'.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ October 22, 2018
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That feeling when you slowly lose your grip on reality, and you use memes to hide the fact that you're a shell of a human being, nothing but hatred in your heart.
Person A: *Shows picture of a dog getting fucked with a buncha lens flares*
Person B: *With no emotion in their eyes* "Haha yes"
by JackettheRooster July 8, 2017
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