The last thing you see before anime death

Other words include "boat-doken", "fighter-doken", and "me-doken"
Anger boiling...Rage mounting...Must...
by Danley Devouring June 17, 2003
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note: the super form is shinkuu hadoken

n. 1. quartercircle forward motion, usually causing a hadoken
2. a fireball, usually performed by members of the Street Fighter series
v. to form a mobile "fireball" of immense power that is used to destroy
Oh! and he just did the Hadoken!
Don't make me Haoken your ass!
by Evanezer April 18, 2003
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A briith love by all, seen as the co-suprime ruler of the Universe, (next to Maddox
<Akira> Look it's Hado-Ken!
<Kikkoman> Let's worship him!
by Hado-Ken December 29, 2004
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v. ha·do·kened, ha·do·ken·ing, ha·do·kens

1. To create and shoot a fireball from one's hands, usually of bluish hue, using secret ninja powers.


1. The act of hadokening.
2. The fireball created during the act of hadokening.


1. Spoken or exclaimed while hadokening.

From Japanese hadou, surge, doki, wrath, and ken, sphere.

ha·do·ken·er n.
ha·do·ken·a·ble adj.
ha·do·ken·ly adv.
M. Bison was defeated by Ryu's hadoken.
by Patrick March 08, 2004
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It is spelled HadouKen not hadoken... Hadou is when life energy is used as martial arts. Hadou has many forms. Hadouken is only one form. This is a very strong attack used by Ryu or Ken Masters.
He's preparing to execute the Hadouken!!
by Ken Masters April 17, 2003
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The Hadoken
~ A powerful wave of conducted electricity generated by the human spirit
~ Performed when "chi" is active in the human body from meditation
The Hadoken was believed to be used in the "ken shui" times. Ancient martial artists were skilled with the combat skill Hadoken, and people who were able to use it, were considered blessed by the God of Thunder (Houkda). Nowadays, the move is known as an urban myth and is used in popular video games such as the famous Street Fighter Series.
by Ashitaka February 17, 2005
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The uktimate of the ilustrious and evil stabbing powerhouse that is 8-Bit theater's Black Mage. Also means surge fist in japanese. Ultimate attack is shinkuu hadoken. Trans: Vacum surge fist.
"Raaaaaaaagh HADOKEN!!!!!!" - Ryu, Street Fghter hero.
by SatanBoy August 04, 2003
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