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hadiya is the type of girl that wouldnt care if someone talked about her. She is often nice but DONT get on her bad side because she will hurt you in some type of shape or form.If you have her as a girlfriend you are the luckiest boy ever!She is shy sometimes but she will shower you with love and she will always be supportive of your choices and she will always love you even if she says she doesnt she really does.But if your friends with hadiya she is the best of them all she is funny,nice,smart,and gives the best advice she will be honest with you and will NEVER talk about you behind your back.If she is in your life keep her there.
bf; Hadiya is the best i love it when she is shy i love her to death

bff; Hadiya gives me the best advice she is soo funny i love her
by emmacollins12 December 20, 2017
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A gift,

your guide to rightiousness,

the gift of a woman to this world

The most beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished woman you will ever run across in your life.
Thanks for the hadiya you got me for Christmas.

Do you know Hadiya?? She's so amazing!!

I need a woman like Hadiya, she's the business (see business).
by HadiDadi December 14, 2008
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