A game for kids with no friends so they can e-date, have cyber and waste their hard earned money on stupid pixel furniture as known as furni. Everyone on Habbo thinks they are sexy, like the big headed user called Pairz (from Habbo UK) but they are all ugly and have no life.
Habbo User 1: Hey look its SkaterChu!
Habbo User 2: Ew. He is TOO ugly for Habbo.
Habbo User 1: Lets go have cyber with him anyway!
Habbo User 2: YAY! 3-some!
by John Clarkie January 27, 2008
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An annoying British Game that is no more than a Chat room where you can Move around a Room.
by Scary Terry April 08, 2005
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A 2D istrometric pixel graphic MUD (Roleplaying Game), where many dickheads mistake it for a social networking site and dish out many hundreds of dollars of their real life money for "HC". Roleplayers dominate the servers in the end.
Ultraussie : Hey, fucking Non RPer mods banned me again
::DarkDays:: : fuck they banned me too, lost my furniture and shit
Ultraussie: God mate, should we own the noobs again?
::Darkdays:: : or leave habbo?
by Ultraussie November 05, 2008
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Where supposed "bloods and crips" come to dress up in blue and red, and fight eachother, for what "set" is the best. when real bloods and crips do not go on habbo.
Habbo Person #1: wat set u reppin?
Habbo Person #2: cripz, bitch
Habbo Person #1: im blood bitch, get out of here before i kik your virtual a$$
by fierrobrian October 14, 2007
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n. An avatar for HabboHotel.co.uk or any of its international sites

v. To use HabboHotel
n. My Habbo has lots of furni.

v. I Habbo everyday because I am addicted.
by Joey July 07, 2004
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The worst game ever with too many hackers. Trust me, I used to play, spent a lot of money on it, moved furni to my other account, get hacked and password changed, other account with furni in it banned. But since I quit I have many more friends now. If you are going to try out this game, DON'T!
Bob: Hey you wanna go play some soccer outside?
Johnny: Sorry, i'm busy playing falling furni on habbo. And after that, i'm going to spend the 1000 coins I bought.
Bob: You suck you have no life I don't want to be your friend anymore.
Johnny: What the hell!? Don't leave me! I will play soccer after I complete 70 hours worth of tasks on Habbo!
<5 months later>
Johnny: No!!!! My password got changed and all my rooms got deleted and all of my furni is taken plus all of my 500 friends on my list were deleted! I quit!
<1 year later and Johnny has lots of friends>
Johnny: So glad I quit habbo!
by Ritzzy January 22, 2008
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A stupid place full of stupid people. I know many who are addicted to this... uh... pile of something... The mods do NOTHING, so the place is full of hackers and scammers, and "habbo clubbers" who think they're the best 'cause they get more clothes and hairstyles. Seriously, if Habbo was real life they would have nothing. And probably don't, as they are a bunch of losers with no friends.

Also, you pay real money for fake furniture. REAL MONEY! YOU WILL NEED THAT, YOU FOOLS!
Joe: Duhuhuhuhu... Hey Tom I've been playing Habbo for five weeks straight and I'm an HC!!!!
Tom: Dude, get off your computer and come outside...
Tom: No it isn't. Now, I'll be leaving, but don't come to me if that game ruins you...
*5 weeks later*
Joe: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I've been hacked!!!!!!!!! AND THE MODS DID NOTHING!
Tom: I told you not to come to me... see ya.
So, Joe lost Tom, his last friend.
by Il Fantasma June 08, 2009
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