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A ripoff; something that is not worth what your are giving for it; refering to gypsies who make their living off of swidling others.
by jihp May 01, 2003
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To be ripped off, or to get a bad deal.
"I spent $500.00 more than I should have for that lemon...I got gypped!"
by x January 31, 2003
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Short for "Gypsy Nell" which is cockney rhyming slang for "hell", as in "trouble", "pain", "problems", "discomfort" etc.
Me farmers are giving me gyp! (My piles are giving me hell)
by petey_the_boy May 22, 2008
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Derived from the word 'Gypsy' and inspired from Borat, the word is commonly used my teenagers as code for the following: weird, crazy or just plain messed up.
I'm not going to lie, that girl looked gyps
by zhao yun June 26, 2010
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Gyp's are a nomadic personality type, every time you try to label these Fawking anomalies you find out they have another varying interest akin to being a and not being a "jack of all traits" because of how anomalous their interest and personalities are.
-I was playing games with a group of friends, then my Fu#king friend Ryan comes over and makes us reset for him to play and pulls out 5 minutes later like a gyp's to go do something else.

-I thought you had a A.D.D but no your just a Fuuken Gyp! *cough* no offense

-If you change the subject one more Phucking *spits everywhere while foaming from the mouth* Time, im going to smackaith you right in your gyp's of a face... passionately.
by Suds scrub April 03, 2020
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