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A combination of G and Yeah. Widely used by Gangster Rapper MC 8 of CMW(Comptons Most Wanted) since 1988... Gyeah!!!! - See definition for YEAH as well.
** Opening Lyrics to MC 8's song "Automatic" from the album "Section 8"


Hoo-bangin in the house c'mon
Eihthype in the house c'mon
And i'm representin
Real compton city g's on this one
My nigga Kay Neeze in the house
We gon set it off like this
by Tone-Loc May 31, 2007
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Used alot by MC Eiht and people from Compton's Most Wanted as for "yeah" or just as an intrejection just like for answering the phone and saying "geeyeah"
In Menace II Society, MC Eiht as A-Wax uses it many times
by FrenchLascar187 February 11, 2004
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A phrase meaning Yes or a response in a positive term. The "G" is added to the beginning to make the response of Yeah more "G'd" up. Because now a days all of society would love to make there life's more "G'd" and why not use it when replying with Yes or Yeah?
Boss: "Frank.....I was a little curious on whether or not you got your report done, the question I'm getting at is...have you?"

Frank: "G-Yeah!"
by J-Money $ December 03, 2005
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an expession said when something amazing, exciting, or overwhemlingly good has happened
friend: holy shit buddie we just found 3 boxes of beer!!
You: Gyeah!!!
by jessica weiss September 15, 2006
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Military term used by straight up soldiers to confirm commands and comments stated by others in the unit. Can also be used to attract attention when necessary; to affirm objectives and to carry out other such tactical manouvres.
Used by JSO, Shabz, Sqa and other Blue Point members, and also rapper Shyne.
"What you sayin, Jebus"
"Jus chillin man"
"You tear up that dickwad that was fakin thug las Friday?"
"G'yeah nigguh!"
by JSO October 11, 2004
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another way of saying "yes" when you're COOL, LAID BACK, OR HIGH. lol
"you wanna hit this blunt again?"


by suedemuffins June 02, 2005
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how black people say 'yeah' when they are excited, normally said during the victory of a basket ball game because they get so competitive like monkeys fighting over bananas.
G'yeah! we won the b-ball game, nigga!
by anonymous January 03, 2004
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