Generic White Person. Supreme pejorative term for a member of the dominant social group, particularly a white heterosexual bourgeois American who follows cultural norms and trends with a herd mentality, eschews critical thinking and social consciousness in favor of total apathy, and lacks any individual identity.
"The film American Beauty unpacks the contradictions and superficiality of gwip culture."

"All those gwips care about are football highlights, hoodies, and pretending to be Christian!"

"If you don't embrace the culture of the Other and you like yelling things like 'Go Bucks' or 'Roll Tide,' you might be a gwip."
by TheFairhopian January 17, 2010
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n. v. adj. Inexplainable actions, thoughts, realizations, happenings,and objects that seem to develop both randomly and instantaneously.
Classical examples of Gwips:

- A bubble popping as they normally do is a Gwip. "The buble just went Gwip."

- Realizing that you are in fact not at all alive is a Gwip
"Oh my god, I'm alive (Gwip)."

- When any object either materializes and or dematerializes in seconds can be thought of as Gwipping. The object just started gwipping."

- The sudden experience of a newly formulated idea is characterized as a Gwip. "Gwip, I've got it."

- The instantaneous appearance of children in random locations are Gwips. "Look at all of those Gwips Jane."

- Reading a book or working and in turn producing a fact based understanding is a Gwip. "It just hit me. Gwip, Hamlet secretly loved his mother."
by Brian Fiore - Silfvast May 08, 2008
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