The mythological gwat is a large furry red haired rodent that slinks behind pubs and is often associated with hay bales. Mostly active towards sunset, these highly polygynous creatures have an eary call that most closely resembles a gurgling pump.
I had had a few beers but I swear I saw a gwat last night.
by Been October 02, 2007
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onomatopoeic word for when you drink something quickly. The speed of how you drink sounds like the word "gwat"
Guy 1: C'mon man gwat that down, the bus is coming!

Guy 2 with pint: "Gwat, Gwat, Gwat.....aahhhhh" (wipes mouth)
by Talos August 14, 2005
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A man form Gwatamela (i think thats how you spell it) and loves to pick tomatoes for a living
by Nohbdy September 02, 2003
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Bot who streams on twitch.tv, he's a bot a sometimes likes to pick his nose
Gwats is a bot
by Gwats is a bot April 23, 2019
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