Basically the same sort of thing as a girl next door. He's sweet, charming, and quite cute, although he doesn't seem to know it.

Guys next door don't really dig the whole taking advantage of a girl thing, and although able to be one of the lads, they can be great mates with girls as well.
They dress casually, and although they don't try to stand out in the crowd or be the centre of attention, they still shine.
Guy's next door usually have one of those laughs or smiles that is able to make you feel instantly happier.

As part of a relationship, guys next door are typically the kind who seem quite casual about dating- they don't try it on fast. But, as with a girl next door, the guy isn't seen as being that involved in a relationship... but anyone who's been in one with a guy next door will know that they're dark horses, and alot more fun and pasionate than you first thought.

So if you find a guy next door (and you happen to be a girl next door)... this one's a keeper.

Bring him home to the parents no problem!

Seth, from the O.C is a bit of a guy next door....although he's got a bit of a nerd thing going on

(despite that......mmmmmmmm!!!)
by Sarah Bee January 5, 2006
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A guy known for his kind, sensitive, caring personality rather than his good looks and charm. Usually a bit of a geek or nerd, the guy next door is the guy who is a really good friend to girls, but who never gets a romantic relationship with said "girl friends". Usually is very shy and reserved.
1. He's kind of the guy next door; he's a great friend, but I just can't picture something happening with us.

2. Me.
by Disco Stu December 9, 2004
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a senseless asswipe who pops ur footballs and lets his dog shit on yuor lawn he weilds a baseball bat and is usually over 50
damn kid kicked his ball over my lawn ill kill him arghhhh you little asshole u fuckin gonk....etc etct
by jack the sk8r February 1, 2005
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