n. 1) A low-life classless buffoon who fancies him or herself above all others. 2) A person who feels that they can act on their own whims without regard to consequences to themselves or others. 3) One who thumbs their nose at polite society.
"That guttersnipe Trump (Drumpf) is liable to start another World War if he doesn't stop acting unilaterally!"
by 10Lizzy April 9, 2017
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noun - gut·ter·snipe - /ˈɡədərˌsnīp/

- A man, woman or transgender of low moral value trolling the slums of Twitter seeking negative attention from celebrities
Artie Lange enjoys retweeting comments posted by guttersnipes who don't like his selfies.
by MsMaryContrary May 19, 2016
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A generic insult used against someone who does not know what the word actually means.
Can be used in conjunction with your own made up insults (i.e. Dicktard, or a less lame insult than that).

A fashionable, street smart and street credable gangster type. Known primarily for his/her appearance.

all the stuff everyone else already said...
a - "I went to a gay bar last night to get free drinks!"
b - "Good one you fuckin' guttersnipe!"
a - "What's that?"
b - "Whatever, dicktard!"

a - "Yo, check the threads on that guttersnipe"
b - "Shitdamn, he is G'd up from the feet up!"

a - "Hey look this site tells you what a guttersnipe is"
b - "cool"
by Tom the guttersnype April 13, 2007
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One that lives off what the vultures refuse.
Bernie Sanders spokesman Ja'Mal (Jaymal) Green is a self serving guttersnipe.
by Lincolnville March 14, 2016
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A poor child who lives in the gutters
"Since Katherine's parents abandoned her she has lived as a guttersnipe in the streets of New York City"
by Alexander Sedler October 30, 2003
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A person who,basically has no manners
to speak of.
He's an example of a foul-mouthed,wretched guttersnipe.
by Jeff Gray November 28, 2003
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