SW Pennsylvanian slang for underwear. Refers to all underwear, not only granny panties.
Pull up your damn pants! I don't care if you're going out, I don't wanna have to see your gutchies.
by kmkz666 January 28, 2011
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1)Article of clothing worn by them there yins guys big mamas in Pittsburgh (Pixburgh), PA, to cover, albeit not attractively, their posteriors. Usually come in a multi pack, also known as granny pants. Underwear for the uneducated. Commonly heard at Walmart. --Raven
2)Large underwear designed specifically for women in the Northeastern U.S., primarily rural areas (OH, WV, VA, PA) and urban hick, po-dunk centers (Pittsburgh). --Cyborg
Ida: "I can't wait to go down the Burgh n' watch da Stillers n' drink some of that there Iron City with yins."
Judy: "Yah, after I get wasted n that I'm gonna ask a Stiller to sign my gutchies, ain't that kewl??"
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Gutchi / Get Gutched / Have/has been Gutched

Gutchi is one of the best players that ever lived. His passion and attitude is admirable, and his taste of music is just great. Even through his friends think they feel different about his music, he knows on the inside that they all love it because he is Gutchi.
Person 1 - I just got killed by Gutchi!
Person 2 - Hah, you just got Gutched!
Person 1 - Damn, not again?!
by Jøssen July 7, 2016
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the brown poo stains on the inside of one's underwear, when one forgets to wipe, or after a particularly messy bowel movement.

see skid marks
Matt, you need to re-learn how to wipe your butt... I'm getting sick of seeing gutchie stains in your tightie whities...
by RalfieBear July 21, 2010
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a gang the stoopid sevies in middle school say they are in. they think it is cool and funny but come on, gutchi?
sevie walks down the hall* GUTCHI GANGG!!
other short sevie* YEEAA BOIII
other other short sevie* ooF you NEED CLOUT GOGGLESSS TO BE COOLL
by Bai Antioxidant Infusion September 18, 2018
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