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SW Pennsylvanian slang for underwear. Refers to all underwear, not only granny panties.
Pull up your damn pants! I don't care if you're going out, I don't wanna have to see your gutchies.
by kmkz666 January 28, 2011
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1)Article of clothing worn by them there yins guys big mamas in Pittsburgh (Pixburgh), PA, to cover, albeit not attractively, their posteriors. Usually come in a multi pack, also known as granny pants. Underwear for the uneducated. Commonly heard at Walmart. --Raven
2)Large underwear designed specifically for women in the Northeastern U.S., primarily rural areas (OH, WV, VA, PA) and urban hick, po-dunk centers (Pittsburgh). --Cyborg
Ida: "I can't wait to go down the Burgh n' watch da Stillers n' drink some of that there Iron City with yins."
Judy: "Yah, after I get wasted n that I'm gonna ask a Stiller to sign my gutchies, ain't that kewl??"
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