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v. to falsify official documents, reports, logs, etc. especially in cases where work was not actually performed.

The area on old British warships below the upperdeck, to give a false perception of the actual amount of ammuniton onboard. This is supposedly how the term was derived.
"Rogge was too lazy to do the 7 day and gundecked the MAF like usual"

"Some people gundeck their whole resume to land top-notch IT jobs"
by Andy Mack April 16, 2005
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The practice of doing shoddy work and making it appear to have been done correctly. Naval slang, meaning slapped together or crudely repaired and then covered up.
He was supposed to have lapped the valve seat, but he just gundecked it.
by ozonekid December 17, 2013
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VERB: (origin: Old Navy term sill in common use. Refers to that part of an old sailing vessel where sailors would hide to keep from having to do their work). Def: 1. to perform a job poorly, at or below a minimum standard.

NOUN: Def. 1. that part of a fighting ship where the cannons (guns) where stored and fired from.
1. We couldn't get that shit done on time, so we totally gundecked it.
2. Capt Crunch caught him sleeping down in the gundeck.
by yut1997 May 04, 2004
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