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Holding a gun in a way that your shots are more accurate.
"THAT's gun control! None of that anti-gun crap!"
by Dave May 23, 2004
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A misguided and foolish attempt to reduce crime statistics by limiting the numbers of or types of guns that citizens are allowed to own. The concept is fundamentally flawed because gun-related crimes are already illegal, therefore criminals could not be expected to comply with new gun laws when they don't comply with existing ones. Only law-abiding citizens could reasonably be expected to comply, which would not lower crime statistics, and would leave them defenseless against armed criminals.
It looks like gun control just backfired on me!! I just got robbed at the ATM by a guy who put a gun in my face. I used to carry a gun, but the government took it away after the gun ban was passed. Sadly now, the well-armed robbers all know we are easy prey and a great resource for quick cash.
by whiteshark357 September 07, 2009
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1. To use a firearm in such a way as to accuratly hit your target.
For better gun control, use both hands and hold your breath before firing.
by HiddenKrypt November 10, 2004
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1. A term often misunderstood as to meaning the control the appropriation, selling and accquisition of firearms.

2. Applying proper use to a firearm, as to be able to accurately accquire and dispatch hostile targets.
Some people say gun control is the only thing keeping the nation safe from crimes. I say that *MY* gun control is the only thing preventing people from committing acts of crime on me.
by Gunslave April 30, 2003
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