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Gulting or gult noun. Meaning: the feeling of having so many emotions and stories to tell that you cannot express them all and you try to, but you end up saying nothing because you want to say all at once and your brain over loads, thus causing no words to come out of your mouth and you end up just yelling some incomprehensible babble and out of frustration you fling the limbs and in some cases you whole nobody is all directions. Gulting is also commonly associated with ever happy exited face, fast talking and only happy experiences. Gulting does not apply to people who are sad in shock depressed or having a panic or physcodic episode.
I went to Chicago and am now feeling gult trying to tell my friends about it.

Why are you feeling gulting?
by Misstgeplanebackhome January 26, 2014
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Rachel: stop double texting me.
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