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Going to the gym and doing nothing but maxed out bench pressing (Usually a grand total of 3 reps every set), and bicep curls with dumbbells.

Coined by the fact that most guidos concentrate more on their chest and partial arms than they do on triceps, back, abdominals, and most importantly, legs and cardio.
I walked into the gym and heard screams of agony and torture. The guidos must be maxing out their bench press again.
by The Sub March 10, 2005
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being able to bench press a car but not having the leg strength to carry their hairspray of tacky jewelry
That guido can't reach his arms to his undersized pockets because of his guido workout, so he is stuck in an infinite fist pump status
by squantch November 04, 2010
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A workout which you will witness in almost any commercial gym up and down the country, but especially so in Liverpool. The guilty parties are skinny, scally males who believe that sitting on both the bench press or bicep curl machines for a few reps on each will sculpt a herculean body that will make female jaws hit the floor. They perform the workout with weightlifter gloves on the ends of their stick-like arms, and as they are usually exercising with about 5 or 6 mates, they have intervals of 5 minutes between sets thus making all their "hard work" completely futile. Little do they know that the back and the triceps need equal attention as the previously mentioned body parts, as do the legs, abs and shoulders if they are to look remotely athletic and not end up with man-tits on their skinny bodies. But whatever, the higher the percentage of scallies who are deformed, the better I say.
Hehe, look at those wankers doing that guido workout.

(half an hour later) Ok, I really do need to work my chest here.
by Anonymous May 04, 2005
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