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A GTA tryhard is an online player, who likes to do everything right. He likes to be in control, and is uncontrollable, he has a short temper and will kill anything in his sight. The tryhard was a rare species, but now has become more popular. They are impatient and do anything possible in the game to have an advantage, and win. They hate losing and rage frequently, but if you stay away from them and dont piss them off you should be ok, unless its a wild tryhard. But be warned they will stalk you and hunt you down until you leave...
by DJBoy43 June 25, 2017
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A person who spends their whole time on gta online worrying about their kill death ratio. You can spot a tryhard in a lobby, he usually has a bulletproof helmet, a rebreather & no ankles. They also have YouTubes (xthe anthenyx check mine out)
Gta Tryhard- 1-0 Lzzz
Noob-*is but hurt*
by xthe anthenyx June 12, 2018
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Usually a random 8 year old that actually thinks that their K.D matters in Grand Theft Auto Online.
Did this guy just blow me up and then go into passive mode? What a Gta tryhard!
by CSpags69 May 03, 2018
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