A sweet cute boy that will do anything to please anyone. As a ghoul has had a hard life but is a hot ass fucker.
by G0lftheplayer August 26, 2015
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1) The main character in a show called Tokyo Ghoul.

2) Someone who didn’t deserve any of the bad things that happened to him
Sane person: Kaneki Ken is an amazing guy who deserves a happy ending.
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by Kholl0238 January 01, 2018
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Kaneki Ken is an average college student whom had lost his father and mother when he was a child. All he had was his best friend Hide. But after a tragic turn of avents, Kaneki Ken ended up getting turned into a ghoul. He turned to a cafe called Anteiku that is full of ghouls that don't kill people. After kaneki got turned into a ghoul his life became hell and he ended up getting torchered by yamori, and that caused Kaneki's hair to turn white from the stress which also turned him into a badass, sexy, cannibal motherfucker who ate yamori. Kaneki's personality changed completely which made him 5000% hotter than he already was. Though his life was still hell. At the end he was killed by Mr. Amon. All of this happened, because he wanted to go on a date.
Tsukiyama: Woah! Why is that white haired guy so hot?

Touka: Him? Oh that's kaneki Ken.

Tsukiyama: Oh, that explains it.
by Ayuma July 28, 2016
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