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A sort of abbreviation for "gross couple". Everyone has known/heard/seen one; Two people who's un-dividing high school relationship is going to 'last for eternity'. Together, they're no longer two seperate people, but one single entity.

you count your weekly/daily anniversaries
you have picture(s) of yourselves kissing posted on Facebook/Myspace
your last text message is from your significant other
your phone background is their face
your significant other's name is saved as something other than their name listed on their birth certificate in your phone book(ie baby, boo, my honeybun hotcakes...)
you see their family more than you see your own
you're planning to attend the same college/university
you have more of their clothes in your closet than you do your own (for girls mostly..)
you wear themed Halloween costumes (plug and outlet anyone?)
you've decided your children's names
you said "I love you" two weeks into your relationship
you plan your daily outfits to match
you feed each other
you text them right after you get off the phone with them
if you've broken up and gotten back together within 24 hours
if you've broken up and gotten back together at least twice
if you can't go out in public without each other
by Grouple Hater January 10, 2011
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pronounced "grupple"
A grouple is a couple. As in two people that are together that are both gronks.
Wes: Hey, check out that gronk couple over there.
Matt: Don't you mean, check out that grouple over there.
by Sam Deighton March 14, 2009
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When you are going out with another couple in your group. It's a grouple.
Hey guys let's grouple tonight for comedy hour.
by Kinkins September 15, 2016
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