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Someone who is in tune with the happenings and going on's in their community, particularly those that are interesting, esoteric, weird, or just plain cool.
That Zach is a freakin groover man. Just last week he went to the Carnival of the Future.
by jzking March 20, 2014
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A hollow, plastic, toilet-shaped box, which is often used on camping trips. It is a portable chamber pot. You should not pee in a groover, because then, the pee will slosh around inside it while you travel.
"Who peed in the groover, I have groover juice all over my bag!"
by Ping DiPaola August 09, 2007
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an individual who frequents raves on a regular basis
My friend claire is such a groover. She is really into the groover chick thing.
by Lana September 13, 2003
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A more contemporary version of the 17th and 18th century term, "Fop". A groover is someone who finds themselves exceedingly stylish or hip, to the extent that those around them regard them as foolish or goofy.
That girl/guy thinks they are so hot, but she/he's like sixty and wearing pleather, man, she/he is a total groover.
by Penny Cloverae February 18, 2008
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