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A barbarian who is as dangerous as a stampede of cattle...and almost as smart. Along with his intrepid, oddly-loyal hound Rufferto, he roams another time and place, leaving destruction in his wake.
Groo leapt into the fray, with cheesedip around his lips, and turned everyone into mulch.
by Icedevil April 13, 2004
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1. A fat bitch that could afford to lose 50 pounds or more.
2. An extreme form of grossness.
a. Often referred to appearance of an ugly bitch. Can also be used to offend nasty ass hoes with venereal disease.
b. Can suggest a disgusting taste and feel.
1. She's groos.
2. Don't touch that shit, it's groos.
3. That hoe got some saggy ass tits, hella groos.
4. I would not beat, that's some fucked up, groos sex.
5. That shit taste hella groos, my dog wouldn't eat it.
6. Yo, that bitch is hella groos.
by Nicole April 22, 2004
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An online gaming clan, present in many games such as Halo 2, Counterstrike: Source and Guildwars, based in the United Kingdom. Groo pwns joo.
Wierdfish42, Obsequious Wonk, ninjabread, bslsthgrt, Twillly, Gigus, Mr Stabby6, Bubbleshum and Dr Jeffaz are all Groo members. Groopies welcome :)
by Jack Barrington (bslsthgrt) March 30, 2006
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the words goose and gross mashed together to symbolize mother teresa's extreme power over the weak and the colour of St-Lawrence
bacon bits are groos on salad.
by Eric November 06, 2004
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Something one may mumble after undergoing something arduous and/or painful. Also may be uttered if one is not feeling well. Popularized by video game reviewer "Yahtzee" on his web review show "Zero Punctuation".
(After taking a bullet to the chest)
Jimmy: "Groo, my chest!"

(While sick and/or dying)
Baldur: "Groo....."
by RandomShellz April 14, 2009
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