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A grisby is a man who is lazy, unbalanced, and arrogant.

Often found in Hollywood, they can be identified by their seersucker plumage and/or inappropriate erections.
"Check out the Grisby snoring in the back. What a rude thing to do at a funeral! Also, what's up with the erection?"
by ariEmo October 27, 2009
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a Grisby is a male who is extremely greasy, has problems with ulcers and usually gets an erection in the most compromising situations, such as when surrounded by straight males.
by Sam Jordan May 15, 2003
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A parasitic attachment that cleans out fridges and sweet shops, and frequently gets boners in compromising situations,
You may be a Grisby if:

1. People waste full beer cans on you at parties (I.E. throwing them at you as you throw up)

2. You get the birthday bumps when it's not your birthday, but they don't bother catching you on the way down.

3. Someone you regard as a mate suddenly beats you round the face.

by Eliza McNurdledon May 15, 2003
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