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A town in North East Lincolnshire. Does NOT smell of fish in the slightest, although don't go near the fishing docks without a gas mask.

Infested with chavs, also full of attention-seeking fucking emos.

The town is split up into main 'estates', there's usually fights between the estates, which people usually don't turn up to, as most fights are all mouth and headlocks.
Dickhead #1: I iz frm nunsthorpe n i wil kik da shit out ov u
Dickhead #2: ye rite m8, i iz from yarborough n i wil kik da shit out ov u
Normal Person: Fucking morons, i can't wait until i get out of shitty grimsby.
by Kyle Frith November 19, 2006
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Out of all the little towns in the province, even the country, Grimsby is where you wanna be if you're looking to start a family by age 14. With teen pregnancies being a norm, you might wanna get a stroller for your son, cuz he's about to have 3 kids. Raising your kids in this town is a guaranteed grand coming out of your bank account to buy Nicorette Quick Mist (the raspberry kind) for there up coming nicotine addiction. Not as incesty as Smithville or Dunnville, but we are sure there are some families going through the experimentation phase due to the many ugly offsprings we have seen in the past 5 years. Grimsby is the only place in the country where you can have innocent retirees enjoying a relaxing game of lawn bowling while just 20 metres away you can see two 12 year olds fucking each others brains out in the ditch while hauling on there breezes. What you should gather from this town is why rehab exists.
5 year old: "Can I get a quick haul mister?"
Man: " Um no... where are you from?!"
5 Year old: "Oh Grimsby sir"
Man: " Oh shit, go ahead lil buddy"
by xX-VaPe GaWd-Xx November 27, 2018
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A town in North-East Lincolnshire. Better than the following places:
Why go to Cleethorpes when you could visit Grimsby?
by Frink[scotch] March 17, 2011
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A white trash town located on the South shore of Lake Ontario. Has a teen pregnancy rate 30 times higher than its literacy rate.
Any time I wanted to get laid when I was a kid I would drive to Grimsby.
by Horny in Mississauga July 09, 2003
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Rubbishy town in North East Lincs, England. Like Scunthorpe it is the natural habitiat of the chav but has the added problem of stinking of fish. It's football team is hilariously inept and has been relegated twice in two years. They only thing they have to look forward to is being beaten by Lincoln this season.
Grimsby is full of thugs and chavs.

Never, ever, under any circumstances go to Grimsby.
by Adam Buckley July 19, 2004
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