Recieving Head from an elderly. Be it man or women, A greyskull is just that - get'n a grey skull down on you.
"man i LOVE me a good GMILF, and when the night ends with a Greyskull, that makes it all the more better"
by Elmo88 January 14, 2009
A term used to express a strong desire to have sexual acts with another. Refers to TV cartoon he-Man and the power of greyskull, a clearly mighty force to be reckoned with.
I want to greyskull that lady.

I want to fist you with the power of greyskull
by unit April 4, 2006
When a older woman takes out her dentures and goes down on you. You pull out and ejaculate on her face, then throw her dead husband's ashes on her.
I totally castle greyskulled your grandma last night.
by sticky_wicket March 19, 2009
Castle Grayskull is a great craggy skull shaped lair located on the planet Eternia. It serves as He-Man's base of operation, and also serves as the locus of his power.

It has been the target of numerous attacks by Skeletor, Hordak and the Snake Men, all of whom believe that the secrets inside will allow them to conquer Eternia.

Castle Grayskull, which resembles a gigantic skull, is the source of the Power of Grayskull. Inside the Castle lives the Sorceress. Part falcon and part woman, she possesses the magical ability to fully change herself into a falcon. The Sorceress is among the most powerful magic-wielders on Eternia. She has limited use of the power held within Castle Grayskull, but only for the purpose of its protection. She also communicates telepathically with He-Man, and was the person responsible for granting Prince Adam the power to become He-Man.

As part of the very popular 80's toyline, a Castle Grayskull toy was released, to almost unanimous adoration. It had its share of gimmicks; an elevator, trap door, draw bridge etc.
Bob got mad today and stomped on his Castle Greyskull. Now he'll have to use his Ewok Village action playset, instead.
by Wordcrimes November 18, 2007
When an older woman takes out her dentures and goes down on you. You pull-out and ejaculate on her face, then throw her dead husbands ashes on her.
So how was your date last night with the cougar? I gave her the castle greyskull mate.
by LOSTKEYS September 14, 2022
Someone with grey / greying hair.
castle greyskull is here everybody, only one hour late today.

where the FUCK is greyskull.
by the aceman November 7, 2008