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A hot, guy. with normally brown hair, a deep sexy voice that is always a turn on, normally has a amokin hot body, and an amazing kisser ;) and really good in the sheets ;) He is a really cool person, and the life of the party, he is very athletic and has a very dirty mind ;)) he is an amazing friend to have. He is the bf/future huband anyone can ever ask for. He is normally very quite, and doesnt voice his opnion unless you ask him for it. He is an amazing person.
Her-dayumm! He is fine! who is that?!
Him- oh, thats Greysen, He's awsome. :)
Her- wow! he is hot!
by killercute1224 November 25, 2012
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To use excessive force, often involving damage to persons or property.
I couldn't get the bolt on my brakes loose so I greysened it with a mallet and now I need a new drive shaft.
by Bacchus! September 11, 2013
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