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The swaggiest motherfucking Pokémon ever. Seriously. This thing is a ninja frog. Do you think I'm lying? Just to make it better, this thing makes shurikens out of WATER. If you are gonna play pokemon, consider using Greninja. He shits on every other Pokémon. Oh yeah and also his shiny form is black and should always be nicknamed 'Snoop Frogg'.
Dude: Let's battle!
Other dude: I'm gonna use Greninja.
Dude: You win.
by jacknewts December 23, 2014
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A ninja frog pokemon who is the strongest water pokemon who is the only one that can use a sword precisely. This pokemon is basically a zanpakuto to a soul reaper, who will adapt to its owner. It has been proven that it will find its suitable owner right away as a Froakie.
Trainer Mordecai Maple (aka Shinji Harakawa): My Greninja has his own sword. *Mordecai's Greninja draws katana*
Grandpa Evan Maple (aka Minoru Harakawa): My Greninja has his matoi^. *Evan's Greninja shoots water bullets from matoi*
Ash's Greninja: I have my own ninja set. *throws water kunais*

^Matoi is an Edo Japan firefighting flag
by Greghef September 02, 2017
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