The green-eyed monster was there when an acquaintance of my friend visited his house and it took a toll on his relationship with his girlfriend.
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1. jealousy

2. to act out of character because you are jealous

3. to be overwhelmed with jealousy
When Lisa saw her crush with another girl she turned into the green-eyed monster.
by Lisa DiRusso October 1, 2007
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A term used to describe jealousy.
origin is from Othello
Jan was bitten by the green eyed monster when she saw Jill with David.
by Brian M White November 22, 2007
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When your partner has a runny nose and snorts just before giving you head, causing it to coat your genitals. This can lead to crusting on the tip, blocking your next stream, making for a rude awakening the next morning.
Dude, I think I'm chafing and on top of that, I had to wipe down the whole bathroom after Karen gave me that green no-eyed monster.
by Unsatisfied Cstmr February 26, 2011
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