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The wiping of one ass after a long workout or post shit wipe. It can either be sweat or missed fecal matter from a previous wipe.

The term "gravy'' refers to the appearance of the shit on the TP and ''swipe'' refers to the quick swiping motions employed to clean up the "gravy".
"Man I just dropped the duece that stole christmas. And I had to run back into the bathroom for a gravy-swipe to clean the remnants I missed. "
by The Microwave January 07, 2015
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When your man scratches his sweaty balls and then quickly proceeds to swipe it across the upper lip of his woman, leaving behind an abundant amount of moisture.
I was gravy swiped by my boyfriend and had to go shower. It wasn't enough, nothing will ever be enough.
by Rocknness December 09, 2016
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