a shorthand version of Contgratulations, often shortened to grtz, gtz, or even gz
Guy 1 "I am pregnant"
Guy 2 "gratz, but arn't you a dude?"
by christopher malowany October 22, 2007
A stupid way of saying "congratulation". Made up by morons.
"Gratz PMR FINISH liao to shi han"
by One who hates the word gratz October 11, 2011
Short for "congratulations". In World of Warcraft, it is usually said when dinging.
iPWNedyourm0m: ding!
saraxx: gratz!
by Saraxx July 11, 2008
gratz: slang for spanish (gracias) or itallian (gratzi).. meaning thank you!

when your lazy to say thank you

just say Gratz..
hey good job on that speech last night. you reply, "Gratz"

your a nice guy! oh yeah, "Gratz"
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 19, 2005
When your son is an Asshole and you hate bad humor.
by bruh evan December 8, 2021