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one who steals their friends ex-boyfriends, when the friend still isnt over them
mary is the biggest grass cutter. she was totally hitting on john who she knows im still not over him
by srbby December 08, 2007
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A person who sleeps with or hooks with another person's boyfriend/girlfriend. That person 'cut' someone's else grass; they did their job for them.
Jill: i totally cut Emma's grass last night...
Sarah: what, you got with her boyfriend jack?
Jill: yep..shes gonna hate me
Sarah: your such a grasscutter!
by sexy/impressionz March 19, 2008
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One who muscles in on you whilst you are trying to pick up. Usually involves putting you down to make themselves look good.
Man, Boaksey just moved in on my action. What a grass cutter!!
by MowerMan March 08, 2006
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A large rodent (rat) caught and raised for market sale in some African countries, mainly in the Northwestern ones {Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin etc.), used to prepare a variety of dishes.
Lonely Planet backpacker Megan McCormick ate a grass-cutter in her stay in Ghana.
by Dino March 11, 2005
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n. Old shoes that should not be worn in public. Gym shoes that are warn out by wearing them for years. Soes that should only be used to cut grass.
Yo teach, those grass cutters you have on should be thrown out.
by Scott J January 10, 2007
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one who spends copious amounts of time and energy to ensure no stone is left unturned (literally) in their pursuit of a goal when all sanity dictates abandoning the cause
he's such a grass cutter, spent 4 hours looking for a matching sock rather than get another pair
by bergaron March 28, 2008
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