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A beautiful, blue-eyed, and confident girl. She is a sweetheart, but if you get in her way, it's diva time! She sticks up for what she believes in, and is good at keeping secrets.
Gracelyn sounds like a handful, but I think being her friend will be the best!
by nat706 December 29, 2013
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A beautiful kind girl who is a diva at times but is an awesome freind....shes good with guys and has lots of friends you could even say shes popular she likes any boy aa long as they fit this category cute and great if you have her your lucky and make sure to never let her go.
Girl: Hi Gracelyn

Gracelyn: hi u wanna be friends
Girl:OMG yes!!!
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by SlayQueen18 April 06, 2017
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Gracelyn is a beautiful girl. She’s extremely nice and she’s always someone that’s good to be around. She always makes people smile and laugh. She can be a bully at sometimes, but she will always be somebody you truly love and can think about. Overall, Gracelyn has a great personality, she’s extremely nice, and she can fill you’re heart with her A beautiful eyes and laugh.
“She’s magnificent, she must be a Gracelyn”
by Zaydew November 22, 2018
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Gracelyns are sweet and charming blondes with blue eyes they are also on the shorter side and have big butts. They has a very outgoing personality. They love baking and cooking, they are foodies.there is only one thing wrong with them. They think badly of themselves.They say they are so fat when they are actually quite skinny.Gracelyns always have fun ideas and they love to shop with their one extra close girlfriend. Most of their friends are boys. Gracelyn can't wait to grow up. They are the most carring and understanding people in the world. The are great best friends forever and they will never leave your side. Gracelyn's are the best friends to have and if you don't have one you really need to get one.
Gracelyn is the most amazing person I've ever met a she is my best friend.
by Pawneeracoons July 27, 2017
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gracelyns are so beautiful. they have nice asses and big tits. all boys secretly want a girl like gracelyn. with her big pretty blue eyes and beautiful life she has a hard life and if you ever are lucky to have a gracelyn as your bestfriend/girlfriend never let them go they are so loyal and will always be there for you. they have great personalities and are extremely funny they can make you so happy but just them smile. never let a gracelyn go.she can be nice at times but piss her off and she will destroy you her attitude is so sassy so never make a gracelyn mad
“Gracelyn is so hot

“she is so loyal i love her

“i mad her made and it was scary
by yeahboii420 May 09, 2018
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A sweet hearted girl. Is often shorter than others but can fight like a man. She's scared to get close to guys, because she seen how the are. She is most likely a southern girl who likes to raise hell!
Teacher: you know ow that girl Gracelyn?

Principal: yes? Why?

Teacher: she flipped a table in my classroom today and said "kiss my country ..." Well you know what
by crazy one_23 April 19, 2018
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A dumbass fucking bitch that thinks everything needs to go her way, she smells like she just came out of the sewage and somewhat fishy. She looks like an Oompa Loompa and is built like a Charmin toilet paper bear. She always wears shirts that look like they have come out of the toddler section because they are clearly too small for her fat stomach. Also, she doesn’t know what a treadmill is or a shower.
everyone: “omg did you smell that?!”

me: “yes! i think it was Gracelyn... she always smells like a fish!”
by 👹 lozer 👹 August 23, 2019
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