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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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1.A type of music that usually combines the poetry of gothism and the sound of hardcore punk.

2.A suculture that combines gothism and punkism.
AFI's Sing The Sorrow is a gothic-punk album.
by Jake July 18, 2004
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A myth, misconceived with HORROR PUNK!
"Im a GOTH PUNK" person 1
"You're neither" person 2
by Regicide August 11, 2004
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A blending of the vague clichƩs regarding blood, the color black, and holes of 'goth' music and the highly reptetitive chords and simple 'crash' drumming of punk into a new genre of audio entertainment, ranked slightly above rap in quality.

See shit.
> So I bought this new gothic-punk CD yesterday -
> How much did it cost?
> Got it for five cents at a garage sale.
> Man, you got ripped off.
by fearpi August 12, 2004
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A Filthy Individual Who Does Not Know Where They Belong In Life. They Believe That They Are Intelligent In All Ways Of Nature, That They Are God's Gift To Humanity, When in Fact They Are Nothing Less Than Degrading People Of All Stupidty. They Are A Race Of Extremely Annoying Individuals Who Do Not Understand That They Are Basically Moronic In Truth. In Most Cases These Creatures Of The Lonely Night Are Of German or Russian Nationality, At Times They Have A Quite Perculiary Origin Of Mixed Races. There Is No Organization Of There Personel Belongings Or Of There Style In The Public Eye. Masturbation Is Known To Be One Of There Useless Achievments In There Spare Time, For Pornography Is There Way Of Life In All Accounts Of This World. They Have No Life, No Cause For The Human Race, They Are Just People Who Know Nothing Other Than That They Are Pathetic In All Ways Of The Economy.
A Person With A Name Called, Pissant David Ming.
by Maxwell Yabuki Cheung March 29, 2005
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