Did you hear what happened? She's such a Gopi
by notNimayDesai October 18, 2018
A skinny punk ass bitch that originated from guyana. This male is scared of pussy and often talks a lot of shit and always can't back it up. He is anti social because he is ashamed of his abnormally small penis size. Please feed him.
He ran from dat gyal's pussy like a tru gopie
by Shawn Somwaru October 2, 2004
When you pee into a thermos and throw it at a gopher.its known as the national sport of vietnam.
by Sherry & Tiara November 22, 2003
Referring to the offspring of a male and female Republican.

- Hey Dave, Senator Noonan just had GOPies with his wife.
- The alarming fact that Liberals are over populating, brings about the necessity for Republicans to procreate in order to bring about more GOPies; to combat the Progressive Secular threat.
by Sean Michael Noonan November 3, 2008
A guy named Farid, the son of the Creator himself. Farid gets all the Pokémon he wants by saying in server chat 'hear me Father, you know two is better than one, give me two Golden Ho-ohs' then the Creator hears him and provides Farid with 3 golden ho-ohs, with a bonus of Hoopa-Unbounds and Arceus-Fire. Farid is a resting machine who slacked off in March 2021 and lost the chance to get Shiny Riolu in contest. Farid, please share some luck to the clan.
I am Farid son of Gopi. I get everything I want.
by yakult yogurt April 17, 2021
Gopi (गोपी) is a Sanskrit word originating from the word Gopala referring to a person in charge of a herd of cows. ... Of this group, one gopika known as Radha (or Radhika) holds a place of particularly high reverence and importance in a number of religious traditions, especially within Gaudiya Vaishnavism.
Gopy is sometimes spelled Gopi. Gopy is another name for Krishna. Gopy comes from the word Gopal which comes from Krishna
by Gopy November 26, 2018
Irish word usually a shortened slang for god bless us
I nearly killed someone gopis
by Sususk bejqiqoqoqw July 24, 2021