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Someone who is a goober, doofus, or dumbass. A goondick will usually take this as a complement to his stupidity and will continue to do things that make him look as though he is a goondick, such as being outsmarted by microwaves, tellings stories that never really happened, talking about having sex with their friend's underaged cousins and talking about writing in his diary when people are mean to him.
So, I have this really great story that never really happened...
--- Charlie, you're such a goondick.

If you don't stop making fun of me, I'm gonna stick it in your cousin's ass.
--- Charlie, you're such a goondick.

Jamie, your microwave's smarter than me.
--- Man, Charlie you're a goondick.
by Waddle June 06, 2006
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Someone that is extremly "homo" but not actually homosexual. Also refered to in short by goon.
i.e. Brian Paddock

Dude you are such a goon dick.
by Raven January 23, 2004
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