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Person who displays extreme goofiness; an extremely goofy person
The goofasaurus was in its natural habitat.
by Jordan Melnick July 10, 2007
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A term used to either express or describe the ridiculous nature of an event, individual, or idea. The event, individual, or idea must be quite freaking incredulous in order for it to acquire the descriptor: Goofasaurus.

It is usually directed to another human being and most eloquently summarizes their personality or occurrence that transpired. The word can have both positive and negative connotations based on the context in which the word is used.

Etymology: The only known Dinosaur to have survived until present day. (Kind of paradoxical when you think about it).
"I have a friend and he does the most ridiculous shit, like whine about things, jump off cars, float in a sea of marshmallows. Oh, he is such a Goofasaurus!" said Hamlet.

"You sound like a goofasaurus when you babble about all that nonsense" said Othello.
by Tyrone Schiff June 12, 2007
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A term of endearment describing the silliness one engages in.
Goofasauri are error prone and clumsy. Yet this word is used to gentle the drawing of attention to ones mistakes.
She trips over a garden hose, and one would say, "You goofasaurus, you could of hurt your self...!"
by Lateef Head June 30, 2009
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