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A large man beast that is strong, tends to carry a club, and smashes many things. Not very fleet of foot and if you cross one you should run fast.
The goofa got into my apartment last night and ate all my food and smashed my kitchen!
Run from that goofa before it uses the club.
by chodanut April 13, 2008
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Huge crater holes in its skin,
also search freak.
Noticed by its hunched back,
tall and lanky, ugly rocky-type
face of pimples.
Also called the monster of the
black lagoon. Can be found in
swamps on occasions sitting in
a pile of muck. Is also known
to stalk people from a distance.
If you think it is a Goofa.
Then i 100% advise you to run.
"Its the monster from the black lagoon! (Goofa)"
"Goofa needs #INF bars of soap"
"Goofa needs #INF bottles of clearasil"
(#INF means Infinite)
by <:: 1337 H4x0r DuD3 ::> November 14, 2004
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Goofa, A horrible Creature with the worst acne ever. There is not one plat piece of skin on its face. Its skin is like the Mountain Ranges in the LOTR. From the Black Lagoon, Horryfying to see.
"Goofa needs Soap"
"You look like a Goofa"
"Your Face is like a Goofa"
"Your Ass is like a Goofa"
by RaNciD November 11, 2004
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