A person whose only goal is to have a good time, and they are good at it. They are the absolute best to hang out with but at the same time you can tell they will amount to nothing in life.
Last night we were sitting around and nothing was happening until my best bro arrived and I don't really remember what happened next except there was definitely a naked lady kegstand contest somewhere around 6am before I passed out.

I heard he got fired for puking on his boss when he went in at 9:00. His mom says he's gonna end up just a good time charlie like his dad, but damn I love partying with that guy.
by Tuff Luff April 22, 2012
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an imaginary person that makes you spend all you money at a bar.
by -Danica- December 6, 2007
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The one in every crowd, that brings the party in us out.
Good Time Charlie's got the next round, but he always drinks for free.
by Stone 22 June 16, 2009
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1. The sexual act of having your anus licked by your partner while eating a chocolate candy bar.
Lady of the night: Hey baby, watch lookin for?
Other Individual: Just a good time charlie.
by everyhandleistakenalready March 24, 2017
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A friend who is only a friend as long as the times are good.
When I was super rich and had whores hanging on every protrustion from my body, Charlie was my best friend.

When aliens ruined my career and anally raped me, Charlie decided he was friends with ol' Thomas, who had just one the lottery, instead.
by Vee Are Are Schee May 6, 2004
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