Something turned sexual that you didn't expected, often used by YouTube prankers.
Rape prank in the hood(gone sexual)
by It's just a prank bro January 25, 2016
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1) The way to describe Saturday nights with my grandpa

2) When a social media star needs to spice up their title so they add "Gone Wrong" and if they need even more effect, they use; "Gone Sexual"
Dave: Did you hear what happened to Bob at his Grandpa's house on Saturday?

Jim: Ya it's on YouTube under "Cereal, Gone Wrong Gone Sexual"
by _-Synonymous-_ December 29, 2016
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When two gay guys are doing anal and the one getting pounded sharts on the others male reproductive organ and the one who got sharted on eats the mixture of shit and cum while the other watches and takes notes.
Yo wassup wanna go watch Boss Baby 2 (Gone sexual 3am)?
by BossBabyLOVER!!!!!!!!! July 10, 2021
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