1. the essence of philosopher Leibniz's concept of gonads, i.e. a pair of all-other-monad containing monads. (rare) see monad mondo gonad
2. a legendary figure in the teachings of D, full name Frondo Gondo. D taught that one fateful nite in the nineteen sixties, some good people were celebrating the daily holiday on a yacht with orgys, hallucinogens, & ping pong. One chosen man consumed a great dose of LSD, & some others (not D) decided to play a prank on him by locking him in the closet at the beginning of his psychedelic voyage. Either by his choice or theirs, he didn't emerge for approximately 8 hrs. When he did emerge, from then on he forever referred to himself as Frondo Gondo. This story illustrates what can go wrong when we ignore the wisdom of "set & setting" for psychedelic trips. see also D
1. i to assert something about all monads completely, we must speak of the pair of gonads which themselves contain all monads.
2. hey! you remember what happened to Frondo Gondo, right?
by factotum January 28, 2004
a more subtle substitute for the word "fucked"
I went hiking and took a shat on the trail. I went to grab my toilet paper but realized that I left it back at the campsite. I got gondoed!
by Gondo Inc. April 22, 2016
dont be f**cking with me!!!!
You're joking right? no esta ching gondo
by mister re January 18, 2018
A word used to get someone to shut up after you say it to them.
Greg: "I had an amazing day at my grannys house last week"
Paul: "shut up gondo"
Greg: "What the fuck is a gondo?"
by HAAJM? February 15, 2021