(noun) An awkward hug that is between two people, typically a male and female, that takes place on a golfcart.
Wow, that golfcart hug was really awkward. I hope that never happens again, and that she doesn't talk about it with her friends.
by cceb12 December 2, 2018
A golfcart driven by a Weaver or his gay little son, or any vehicle that is driven by a homosexual male.
Look at frickin Cory Rider and his Weaver golfcart. I wish that kid would quit being such a fairy.
by Westy December 3, 2003
this is the term you give to anyone who looks slow, unathletic, and uncordinated when they are running the football. can be applied to guys in the NFL, your fatass buddy playing flag football, or even to a guy in a video game.
"this tailback fuckin' sucks; he cuts like a golfcart"
by stan April 13, 2004