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slang for a rich, middle eastern prince or oil baron. Ususally strongly affiliated with U.S. oil companies.
'dang, the king of saudi arabia is such a goldnigger'
by StormOfStress October 21, 2006
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A jew. Also known as a kike, a heeb, or a yid. Called gold niggers in reference to both their racial inferiority and their demonic obsession with money. Easily recognized by their large hooked noses, hideous voices, and foul odor.
"I aint sayin' he's a gold nigger,
but his nose couldn't be bigger,"
by Krankhous March 21, 2010
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A Black man that marries a white woman for money or vice versa.
Rachel: He's just a black man marrying you for your money
Jacklyn: Ya I Know
Rachel: Well, he's just a Goldnigger
by M6tt36 Brady August 19, 2009
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